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Kristian Nyqvist
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Kristian Nyqvist Nice lyrics, clean and crisp vocals and instruments, in short a really, really nice ambient set with real vocals. Would be my soundtrack of choice for the gray days sitting in the corner feeling down. We all have those days. :) Worth the download for sure! Favorite track: puıןqɹoןoɔ.
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This album is centered around faith, forgiveness, passion and unconditional love.

None of the songs were prewritten. My brother and I pressed record and kept what best portrayed our vision for the album. All instrumentation, mixing and production was done by myself.

This was truly an experience I'll never forget and we're more than happy to share it with you! (Members of TELLER: Tyler Lee, and Travis Weidner)


released August 7, 2014

All the glory goes to Jesus Christ.



all rights reserved


Teller San Antonio, Texas

all the glory goes to our King

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Track Name: ɹoɔǝp
Sit back don't let it show
(ha ha ha)
Your perfect vases lined three in a row
Relax and calm yourself, I'll say it slow
(well look...well look at you)
You've lived your life white as snow

Decorate but never evaluate what you can no longer see
Make new everything
Cover your walls with material things
Have you lost your way?
Have you lost your way?

Do you feel proud when you walk?
(how does it feel?)
How would it feel when it's in the air, you your place I'm standing there?

And in that moment don't you stutter at all
Every word make loud and clear so egos don't start to fall
Track Name: puıןqɹoןoɔ
Black and white are of the things I see
The way the sunset looks feels good to me
I trace my thumb across your lips, its all my pain
If you could see through my eyes, it's all the same

(you don't need to explain yourself)

I feel my passion floating away
Am I drifting, while trying to stay
It's a starting of a movement, or so they say
So grab your brushes, paint it in gray

Shades of color blended together over time
Mimic the hearts of yours and mine
It's not that color makes up just a fraction that makes up our own lives
But it gives inspirations to hopes left to die
Track Name: pǝʍɐןɟ
Well I can feel it, sown inside the marrow of my bones
Lights out, I'll find you deep within the black of my pupils
And I'll pursue you there, you beyond a care
With all mistakes and flaws (all mistakes and flaws)
There may be some time, but time won't calm this mind from all the things we've done, tell them all the things we've done

You say you are clean
Even venture - say flawless
You don't mean but a thing, no
'Cause your paper is spotted, with ink

I wear my failures on my shoulders
With no regret
I look upon the tapestry in which He is sowing
There is no perfect here that can be found
But it is until we stand bare feet in the heavens, on the golden ground

There lies the perfect man
And there lies the sound
There lies the King of kings
And there lies His crown

We are all flawed creatures
We are all flawed creatures
Track Name: ʇuǝɯʇɐǝɹʇ
Track Name: ɹǝɥʇoɹq,o
I hear you've gone and locked it loud and clear
With a leveled chin you walked with lack of tears
And fed from this it caught a flame in me and burnt a guide
It keeps me going then I catch myself and wonder

Oh brother where have you been?
I've been trying to find a reason but nothing was found
Oh brother how long has it been?
It's been left in the ground, I'm speechless so here is the sound

I can see it now, you bite your lip and wipe your brow
And I'm standing there, we are at a glare
Can you feel me now

Is this what we're to be?
Two brothers that just don't agree
Can we meet in the middle?
Just forgive a little, maybe this could be

Oh brother where have you been?
I've been trying to find a reason but nothing was found
Oh brother how long has it been?
It's been left in the ground, I'm speechless so here is the sound

Here is the sound
I'm speechless so here is the sound

That keeps you up, keeps you up at night
It keeps me up but with my pride aside
You'll look straight back at the things you said and the things you've done
Mistake them comfortably like I'm the one
Track Name: (312)
You've gone and run away
You packed your bags, your shoes and toothpastema
Congratulations buddy here's your new place, two-face

You're on a mission with a twisted disposition
Always lookin' straight but in the process lost your vision awe

Brother Brother, you know
You're really better than no other

Here is the truth, I'm better off without you
Finally found my own two feet upon the ground

I'll say it once, don't you ever take the credit
You may have instigated but I am the one who made it real

And if I may, I must confess you did help out a little
You left me with no words just left here to solve your riddle and
I think I did
I'm pretty sure I did
That I'm something that you wish to leave behind you
And look at what you did

Brother Brother, you know
You're really better than no other

You're really better than no other than no other ha ha ha ha(6X)
I made it real (4X)
Track Name: ɹǝʇǝʞɹɐɯ
I got a degree, sharpened all of my fears
Rid some of my peers
Don't want the weight on my back no

I bought a new suit, dang I look good in black
Steady eyes and pressed slacks
It feels so good to be on this track

Don't even waste my time
Let me stare upon the city lights below
You'll never come close no

I'm moving forward moving forward, come on
Keep up, come world, press on
Watch the way I talk adore it, but don't show it
And if not then I'll be gone

Human souls are like trees
Growing to become better with every leaf
If I was preventing you from your growth
Then I'll gladly set you free

But make note of this
We will both slowly die in the winter
Lose some of our hope
Have to find our center

I set my pride aside, you remember
Glory to King of Kings for we are all sinners

And if I leave this world today with the stains upon my heart
I will go in peace because He's loved me from the start
And we will never part

What's yours is yours but this is tart
I would have never left your side
And make my way to depart

You wear your pride like a badge stitched under your skin
It's woven in and out, out and in sealed within
Your golden thread won't hold much longer don't you even bother
Because He sees the truth

Sees the truth you tried to cover oh
You tried to cover
What you covered under

You wear your pride like a badge stitched into your skin
Sealed under your skin